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Church of England Primary School

Advisory Council

Chislehurst CE Primary School’s Advisory Council


Formerly known as the ‘Governing Body’ - Aquinas Advisory Councils play an active part in supporting the Head Teacher, liaising as appropriate with the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer and the Trust Board more generally in relation to the oversight of the Academy school and the Academy school’s senior leadership team.


Appointments to the Aquinas Advisory Council are made by the Trust Board in consultation with the Head Teacher and the Aquinas Advisory Council (with elected positions for parent and staff members).  Recommendations to appoint may be put forward by either the Head Teacher of the Academy or by the Aquinas Advisory Council itself. Such recommendation will generally be made by the need for a particular skill or expertise determined by a skills audit. Co-opted members may also be appointed by the Trust Board to fulfil a particular skills needed as determined by the Trust Board in consultation with the Head Teacher and the Aquinas Advisory Council.


In order to achieve this all councillors serve on one of three committees which cover the following areas:

The Learning Committee monitors pupil progress and achievement also ensuring that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based.

The Resources Committee monitors the school’s budget and finances; oversees the maintenance of the building site, health and safety.

The Christian Community Committee upholds and supports the school’s Christian ethos; administers school admissions; and fosters links with parents, local churches and community. 

The advisory council includes representatives from the following groups: parents, staff and the Church of England Foundation (our three local parish churches and the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education).